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June 24, 2019
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June 26, 2019

Do you own a brother printer? Brother printers are famous for their good printing and long-term durability. They also come at friendly prices. But what should one do if the same printer displays an error 9923 message? The complete knowing of this avoidable issue is important and involves two main reasons that would lead to such an error. The first one states that the scanner of the printer has stopped working properly and the second one identifies that there are a number of issues involved in the installation setup of the drivers of the printer. Fixing such an error could be quite tough, however, by following the given simple steps and methods, one can surely gain knowledge on how to solve Brother Printer error 9923 :

Type 1: Remove the Power cable and restarting again
This method is also known as the hard rest method in which the brother printer is remove plug while it’s power is on and then is switched on after some time for the desired results.

First , make sure that your Brother Machine is ON.
While it is ON, unplug the power cord from the power socket of your wall.
Give 30 to 60 seconds to your printer as rest time before you start with the fixing.
Now you should plug back the power cord into the power plug. Remember the fact that your Brother printer needs to be connected with a direct electric source otherwise these correction procedures won’t work and all your efforts will go waste. Ensure that your Brother printer is not connected to any surge plug.
Now press the power button located on the Control Panel of your Brother machine.
Give some time to your printer to restart its operates and keep checking the LCD to make sure that the error gets solved and you can be printing services again.

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